A Bit About Us

Who are we? Why check out this blog?

Hi we’re Pat & Sherri Fewless, an active, married couple, in our 50’s who live in Michigan.  We have raised our family, have our feet firmly planted in our faith, and our fingers in the dirt come garden season. We found natural wellness later in our lives. It is now our passion to share that with everyone. Why check out this blog? Well, because we don’t want you saying “if I only knew then what I know now”!  Or asking, Why didn’t someone share that with me? With that being said we decided to share some of our life with all of you in hopes that you will never have to speak the words we did.

Here you are going to find things from all areas of our life. We love our family time with the grown children, grandchildren and various framily members (friends so close they are family). You may  find a post about a faith filled message that touched one or both of us deeply. It could be something about our outdoor activities which include but are not limited to;  organic gardening, Non GMO/ Heirloom Plants, foraging for morel mushrooms, quads, snowmobiles, fishing, hunting, shooting at the in or outdoor range and boating to name a few. You could find things about cooking, canning and recipes. The favorites and the flops. You may find some of our favorite places to shop for food and products alike. You may also find Information about essential oils and supplements containing them. They are a big part of our health and wellness regimen and a big part of our overall abundant faith filled lifestyle. You could also find random posts about almost anything because we have a lot of interests and hobbies but I think I have covered the primary ones.

We are always looking for others who share our interests. So if you see something that catches your eye drop us a line and tell us why. Just hit the contact button here.  We would love to hear from you. You can also find us on Facebook (Essential Oils of the World Education) , Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram as well. So welcome to the Good Life!

Pat & Sherri