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Green on the Green 3-17-17

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There is a pre party online to educate you about the use of essential oils on Thursday night March 16, 2017 at 6pm. It will last about 1 hour. It is being hosted by and is called Online Essential Oil Education- Green on the Green. Contact me if you would like to be invited to attend.

Do You want to learn How to kick Toxic Chemicals out of your home? I will walk you through how to do that step by step online. I will give you simple and affordable tactics that anyone can use to do just that using the BEST essential oils in the world!

So join us for our special Green on the Green  essential oil education class and learn how to begin living the good life with us. An all natural toxin free lifestyle.

Its your life and the lives of your loved ones we are talking about here. You get to make the choices.  Living above the wellness line is the goal of everyone I know. How about you? Are you ready for a #lifestyle of #health, #wellness and #abundance?


#essentialoils #naturalliving #sherrislife #toxinfree #thegoodlife #naturalwellness


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