Photos from the past 3 months.

The Fewless Family around Christmas, gathering at a bowling alley for fun and family time. We missed Brian & Debs family. They were unable to make it in from the west coast. We had Grandpa and Grandma from Oregon and Aunt Kristen, Emma & Nate for the East Coast. Matt & family from Indiana, and the rest of us that could make it are here all over Michigan.  family-pic

Here we are having a sled day. Aunt Kristen, Emma & Nate will be out soon to hit the trails. In the meantime Shawn Patrick is wanting to make sure he gets to help get them out and warmed up. He is one of the grandchildren that love being Pop Pops Partners when it comes to anything outdoors with an engine.

#Family #fewlessfollies #afewlessbills #grandparents #thegoodlife #sherrislife #snowmobiling #bowling #familytime

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