Just a few family updates

Our court battle over our grandson Shawn Patrick has hopefully finally come to an end. We should have a new court order in our hands shortly. Praise Jesus!

Our Rissa has worked very hard to increase her abilities and she and her cheer squad have made Nationals! While waiting for that competition in July of 2017 they have again qualified to return to State level. That means they are on the path to return to Nationals again in 2018.

Our Kevin & Wayne have completed their wrestling seasons and have both moved on to the All American pastime of Ball! It was just last year that Wayne watched his big brother and tried to climb the fence to follow in his footsteps on the field. Now he is in a uniform of his own. Kevin has become a force to reckon with on the field. It is such a joy having them home in Michigan. To be able to go and sit in the stands with their other grand parents from Katelin’s family and cheer them on.

Katelin has finished another term of college and is moving ever closer to her degree.

Wayne is doing well and moving ever closer to his goals with his career.

Joe is expecting his 2nd child in late August.

Ashley & Vic have gotten engaged to be married. Date to be announced. Codi is turning 16 this year so it is a big year for her and Parker has excelled with having Vic in his life. Dirt bikes and working on cars have become a new passion for him.

Justin does not make it back often but is excelling in his chosen career and has breezed through his testing. It is however not over yet.

Those are the updates on our birth children and those shared with us from another mother. We have been blessed.

A few pics to follow.


shawn boyscouts ceremony

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