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Kombucha -fermented sweet tea (great food for the digestive system)

Ingredients- Makes 1 gallon
1 gallon distilled water, divided
8 bags tea, black, green or white
1 cup  organic cane sugar
2 cups starter tea
1 Scoby
1 gallon glass container- reusable
1. Boil approx 10 cups water
2. Add 8 tea bags, sugar and steep until strong. Let cool to room temp.
3. Add above mixture to gallon jar with 2 cups starter tea and Scoby.
4. Fill to rim of gallon jug with remaining distilled water. Gently stir to mix.
5. Cover with a breathable material (do not use cheese cloth). Band to rim.
6. Allow to ferment for 7-30 days. Check after 7- The longer the more probiotics but do not let it get to vinigary.
7. Remove Scoby. Stir and remove 2 cups for your next starter batch.
8. Add any flavorings you want then bottle in your preferred glass containers leaving 2 inches of head space.
Store in refrigerator to minimize excessive carbonation.
Leave on counter for a few days before refrigerating if you want more carbonation.
A good ratio of Tea to fruit is 80/20.
Make sure all your items are cleaned with a natural soap and dried so you have less chance of mold or bad bacteria.
Use wood or glass utensils. Avoid metal as much as possible.
Use your Young Living Vitality essential oils to flavor it.

In the photos you can see ingredients, bottles of finished Kombucha & a Scoby in another batch for next time.


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