Gardening in July

A few things you can do in your gardens this month.
Feed crops with a all purpose organic fertilizer. If you don’t make your own there are many good ones you can purchase. Dr. Earth makes one.
Train climbing plants like cucumber stems upwards instead of trailing over the ground, to make the most of the space available. Simply tie in their long stems to a tee pee of poles or vertical wires hanging from a sturdy overhead system. You can use pieces of burlap attached to your structure to support heavier vegetables as they will take up less space going up.
Pick, dry and freeze herbs for using later in the year.
Clear away any diseased & or dead foliage on and around your vegetable plants to keep them healthy.
•Clear weeds regularly, as they compete with your crops for nutrients and water.
Mulch to maintain moisture as we enter the hottest days of summer.
Look for aphids on the underside of leaves – rub them off by hand
Begin planning your fall perineal orders.
Get ready to re-seed beans and lettuce.
Watch your garlic.

Check berries regularly and harvest them before the birds get them.
Clean up fallen fruits from under trees.
Check fruit trees for branches growing straight up from limbs and remove them.

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