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12 Must Have Items for any Chemical /Toxin Free Home

Hi, if you know anything about us, you already know my family (including my furry members) and I have a passion for living chemical and toxin free. What you may not know is that it’s a lifelong process. It rarely happens overnight. Sure there are some who can go home and toss every offensive item and product in the bin and replace it immediately. That wasn’t us. I am guessing that it isn’t many of you either. With that being said, I am going to show you the first 12 must have items we started with. I am going to keep it simple and affordable. Show you how I did it little by little. Made it extremely affordable. I started with the $160 kit below which came with a lifetime wholesale membership. The $160 scared you did it? Me to at first. Then I did the math first lol I am a value kind of person. $160- diffuser$83.+=77-ningxia red, fitament, sample bottles, guide 15+ means I get 11 bottles of the only essential oil in the world that can give me the seed to seal guarantee for around $6.50 a bottle or less. Wow after looking at the math in retail value I was already seeing the wholesale value as a cha-ching moment as well as the value I got in spending the $160. After that I needed to get to know what I could actually do with it. That took research on my part and yours to. Here I will give you a general overview of a few simple things. living-above-the-wellness-line-front

The image above gives you an idea of versatility of each bottle of oil.


2a-Seed-to-SealFor more information on the seed to seal promise you can visit the link at the bottom of the page.

Have you ever noticed all of the companies that tell you don’t use their product internally? Just where do they think their product goes when you breathe it in or put it on your skin, which just happens to be your largest organ?



I love using peppermint vitality in water and in frosting for cakes. The regular peppermint is in every gym bag in this house. It is the best after work out multi purpose oil I own.
Also Known as the Swiss Army Knife of all the Young Living Essential Oils -YLEO’s. I have heard it said when in doubt grab your Lavender oil. It is in many of the hall of fame Young Living Blends!
Frank aka Frankincense (occasionally with Awaken and Highest potential) is my yoga oil and my must have all season sensitive skin oil.

Frank aka frankincense is my yoga oil and my must have all winter oil.

Not only do I drink more water when I have my citrus oils in it but Lemon is a great morning scent and a fresh laundry scent.


This is one of those oils that my wife and I take daily. It is a part of our overall wellness routine. Being in our 50’s we have found it to be very beneficial to our active lifestyle. we drop it in our NinGxia Red every morning.
I won’t let my thieves oil get below half at any time of year. It is to important to every part of our lives. We use the thieves oil every day as well as many of the thieves line of home care products. That however is a topic all its own.
Wow -purification I have not found an odor that it cant eliminate as of yet. Stress away well the name says it all. I can open the bottle and just sniff the scent right out of it and feel the stress roll away like the tide at waters edge.


RC is my every fall and spring must have oil for respiratory support. PanAway is one that I use a lot during spring cleaning, putting the garden in, and during the fall months, when we are putting everything away .




16-PSK117-PSK2There are other Premium Starter kits shown above that also come with the lifetime wholesale membership option.



The Essential Rewards Loyalty program is how I keep the products we use most often or want to try out coming regularly. I get a better return on my money than any credit card or investment that I know of.


Your 12 must have items are the 11 oils and the wholesale membership!

Become the CEO of toxin free lifestyle decisions in your home and JOIN us on our journey to health and wellness now! Click this link to get started.

    I Choose NOW            I would like an item or two 

If you have any questions call or text 269-312-0184 or contact me on facebook at essential oils of the world

Call the number above after purchasing the $160+ premium starter kit and mention this page to receive a free gift.

Watch for other chemical free options coming soon!

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