What can you still plant now in Michigan?

What can you still plant in your garden in July in Michigan? Or other areas with the same climate?
This is what I would feel safe with but play with it. It is Michigan after all. We have the craziest seasons of all. You can extend growing seasons for your produce with clear covers and venting. If it isn’t quite right wait a week. I will say it again, it is Michigan. We have a love hate relationship with our growing seasons, but we are blessed with four beautiful, ever-changing, seasons of the year.

Northern Half of Lower Peninsula
Chinese Cabbage
Head Lettuce
Snap Beans

Southern Half of Lower Peninsula
Brussel Sprouts
Sweet Corn

Upper Peninsula
Brussels Sprouts
Head & Leaf Lettuce
Snap Beans

I do all of my gardening in raised bed gardens and pots. I use many different techniques to make the best use of my space.  I choose to be 100% organic in all I do and use only natural means to control any garden pests I have. If you look at a previous post you will see what my favorite garden spray is.

In todays world I would be called a hippie bordering on a survivalist or a prepper. To me I am just a woman who is living the good life. I enjoy knowing what I put in and on my body. I like knowing that I have the most nutritious food available to me and my family. I like preserving that which I have grown myself and saving money while doing so. It is  a family passion, you might say. All the grands get in on the harvesting and canning but most of all the eating. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your family sitting outside and just plucking a few berries as they go by to munch on or grabbing beans, peas pods or tomatoes and eating them right off the vine. Knowing they are pesticide and carcinogen free.

With this method of planting you do not need much space. You can grow enough to feed the average family in todays world with a 4x8x12 space. I have chosen to rebuild ours this year to make them more of a visual focal point as well as to give us better access to them as we age.

Stay tuned for more of our Fewless follies and fine fettle blurbs as we make the change to completely edible landscaping.

Enjoy the rest of your July!

The Fewless Family Gardener

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