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No Sun so I can’t Grow a Garden…Or Can I?

You’ve always wanted to grow an organic vegetable garden, but your yard is too shady… or is it?
Despite what you have heard, you can grow a thriving vegetable garden even in partial shade to full shade!  Believe it or not, all you have to do is choose the right heritage plants.

Vegetables that do well in less sunlight (2 to 4 hours) are often called “light shade” or “shade” plants. Some “partial shade” plants are also light shade, such as cauliflower and many spices. See a list of personal favorites below.

So turn a spot into a natural wellness garden, an urban garden or go for edible landscaping. You could even become a mini prepper. Take your harvest from urban farm to fork or try your hand at canning. Your options are limitless.

Being leafy, arugula would be expected to a sun-lover, but sunlight often droops and shrivels the leaves, so this is a good “under” plant to put underneath other, larger ones.
Brussels sprouts
This is also a cold-tolerant plant and like most cold-happy plants, Brussels sprouts do well with limited sunlight.
Endive is likely the most shade-loving of all the leafy lettuce-type plants.
Like its cousins in cabbages, kale loves cold weather and less light.
Leaf lettuce
Most lettuce plants prefer less sun.
Mustard greens
A popular plant in the U.S., this one is often grown in flower gardens and near porches where sunlight is limited.
Like lettuce, spinach needs cooler temperatures and less sun.
Swiss chard
Another delicate leafy plant, swiss chard doesn’t enjoy a lot of sunlight.
Even the most open of garden areas provide shade. Be creative with plant placement and you’ll find that you can create your own shaded areas to
maximize conditions for each plant’s preference. Tall stalks of corn, for example, can provide partial shade for smaller radishes and peas,
while heavy-leafed squash plants might provide almost complete shade for carrots and turnips.

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