Updates on the Family

We enjoyed December immensely. Christmas was celebrated with a large family gathering and a mini road trip with the grandchildren to Historic Charlton Park’s turn-of-the-century village where Christmas Past is celebrated! We saw so many friends and family members home for the holidays. Our home is drop in central. There is always coffee, good food and wonderful times to be had. New years Eve brought a romantic dinner for two and watching the ball drop at midnight.

January brought snowmobiles and sledding. We went through the lavender infused hot chocolate. A lot of family time with our youngest son and his family. A week down in sunny Florida on Marco Island. Boat hopping to the various islands and dolphin watching. A day with my cousin and her family who live in Florida.

January-March brought no results in our efforts to see one of our 8 year old grandsons. That is an ongoing effort. We have court ordered visitation but his mother continues to deny the visits. Michigan needs to recognize grandchildren’s rights. Their right to have happy healthy relationships with their extended families and our fight would be easier. We will keep on though because family is very important to us.

February brought the most beautiful flower arrangement from my husband for Valentines day and an evening out for dinner.  It also brought us to the Sand Hill Café, on many Monday and Thursday nights for fun, food and family time with Scott, Deb, Judy and Kathy.

March has brought me to reflecting on my health and fitness goals. Getting my garden mapped and planting more of my seedling starts. Spring cleaning routines.  Our grand daughters first concert. She plays the oboe. Then dinner out with their family and friends that are like family (the daughter in laws grandparents). New pictures of our newest grandchild.

It has been a busy few months.



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