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What is Bioavailability & what does it mean to me?

I am getting a lot of questions on supplements and bioavailability lately. I am going to guess it has to due with our announcement of CBD oil coming in 2019. Since that is not available yet I will keep my comments based on what is currently available. With that being said, I am going to address this in two parts.

First: What is Bioavailability and what does it mean to me?
Bioavailability – merriam-webster. defines bioavailability as the degree, rate or proportion of a drug or other substance that is absorbed into a living system or is made available at the site of physiological activity. 

This means I want the product that I am going to get the most out of. Otherwise, I am tossing my money down the bowl. For me this means I want Young Living Supplements.

Second: How much can my body utilize when choosing what I believe to be the better brand of supplements?

When it comes to supplements one of the most important aspects is if your body can utilize what you are putting in it. The more bioavailable a substance is the better our bodies are able to recognize and absorb it. So it would stand to reason that synthetic nutrients and supplements would not be as easily recognized by the body as Young Livings bioavailable supplements. You want a high level of bioavailability or most of what you are putting in your body is not able to be used and is simply going to waste, or most likely, out the other end. Essential oils are in our whole food based supplements because they greatly enhance bioavailability as is shown with the following examples.

Our product Sulfurzyme was tested by a third party laboratory against a very high quality competing MSM product. The results showed that the competitive product was 16% bioavailable while Sulfurzyme was 96% bioavailable.

Before putting essential oils in our MultiGreens product, there was a 42% blood absorption in 24 hours. After adding essential oils to MultiGreens, blood absorption increased to 64% in 30 minutes and 86% in one hour. The conclusion is that the cells were now receiving nutrients that they had previously not been able to assimilate. No other super green food supplement can make this claim. (Essential Oils Desk Reference, 1st Edition, p. 205)

If you want to get the most for your money and the most nutrients and health benefits possible for your body, look into Young Living’s continuously growing line of supplements. Get yours HERE.

It is the opinion of many that we don’t have a health care crisis, we have a knowledge crisis and a personal responsibility crisis. Give your body what it needs and it is capable of healing itself as God intended.

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