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January 2019 New Year – New You

Detox your Bedroom to improve your quality of life.

Think about it. We spend one-third of our lives in our bedroom. Yet we don’t really give much thought to the toxins that may be lurking there day and night. We clean up our diet. We clean up our health and beauty products. Even our household cleaners get a makeover to kick out all the chemicals and toxins from our home. But the last place we think to look is in our bedroom. Or at least it was for me! So today we’re going to jump right in and flip the whole room upside down. How can we create a non-toxic bedroom? A non-toxic bedroom isn’t impossible, but it can be really tough to achieve. So don’t let this list discourage you; instead, let’s stick to the KISS approach that we love here at EOOTW, and try to tackle these steps one at a time

Step 1: Improve Air Quality Use a diffuser from Vacuuming (with a HEPA air filter) and dusting regularly. Add some air-purifying plants (Ex: aloe or fern) 

Step 2: Reduce Electronics and Lighting Keep the wifi out of your bedroom. Keep wireless and cordless devices out of the bedroom Any plugged-in electronics (like an alarm clock or a lamp) should be kept away from the bed. Use regular, soft light bulbs; no fluorescent lighting.

Step 3: Get a Better Mattress like a Certified organic Prescription bed or Non-toxic mattress. Can’t replace your mattress right now? Use a mattress topper – like those made from organic cotton and latex. Or cover your mattress – look for a low density, food-grade polyethylene cover.

Step 4: Use Natural Fabrics Organic cotton is the best choice for your sheets and pillow cases. Bamboo is also another great choice. Down comforters can also be highly allergenic, so wool is the safer choice for comforters, duvets and rugs.

Step 5: Use Non-Toxic Paint
If you’re thinking of painting your room, make sure to use a zero-VOC paint

Step 6: Choose Safer Furniture. Furnish your non-toxic bedroom with furniture made from solid wood. Particle Board And MDF use Formaldehyde.

Step 7: Keep the Shoes Out!
Your shoes, while great for outside use, are actually transporting all kinds of bacteria, toxins, pesticides, and…fecal matter into your home. Yeah, been in a public potty lately? You’ve probably got poo on your shoes. And you know what’s passed along through poo? E.coli bacteria.

Upcoming Online Events

Where: Essential Oils of the World Education  – A FACEBOOK Group

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January 1 Slique Challenge Product overview. New year New You/weight management

January 10 Information About Essential Oils. Like no other class you have ever been to

February 1 Essential Oils and Your Love Life “Between the Sheets”

February 10 Wolfberry, Why? What’s in it for me

March 1 Raindrop, The collection. We are not talking water here.

March 10  Green Clean with me & Maximize your Green

We will be in the South West Michigan area thru March doing Live educational seminars. If you are interested in attending one email us at with Seminar In the subject line. We will send you our current schedule.

Have a very Happy New Year,

Pat & Sherri

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