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Kids Say the Darndest Things

I cracked up when I heard my neighbors grandson tell his mom that she uses the wrong cleaner because theirs stinks and makes his head hurt. He told her…You need the kind Ms. Sherri uses the kind that got sloled by thieves before I was born. It’s in a white bottle and smells like pumpkin pie. It don’t make my head hurt and makes me want to have pie. He was close it’s called Thieves Household Cleaner, has at least 50 uses and is cost effective. If you would like a bottle go to


I had just given her mom a sample of it a week ago in a welcome basket with a few other things. They are relatively new to our area and moved here to be closer to their daughter and her family.  It was simply funny to hear his take on it, and had I not been going over to visit and see how she liked it I would have missed it. Her grandson has been to our home many times to play with our grandchildren. I however was surprised that he had paid such close attention to what we use in and around our home.

Kids simply say the darndest things.

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